Last night Lion forgot it was punishment night. Again. And the silly part is that he had nothing on his list so he would have been home free. Well, he would have gotten the maintenance swats, generally 4-6 hard ones, that I’ve been giving him nightly. But he wouldn’t have had any for things he had done wrong. And he moved while I was giving him the swats. In fairness, I know I should at least sit on him when I go above six swats. I think I gave him ten swats and then one or two extra for moving. Still not a bad punishment for a tough Lion butt.

Yesterday, in one of his emails to me during the day, he said he was massively horny. I said it was a good thing he was locked up. He said it was too bad he was locked up. So then I told him he has the emergency key. If he wanted to take a chance that I would consider being massively horny an emergency then he should go for it. He declined. However, I did promise to play with him to “help” the situation. An unsolicited extra play day. No coupon required. A freebie. What a nice Mrs. Lion I am.

The only problem with that extra play session is that I flew too close to the sun. After edging him a few times and then snuggling for a few minutes, I went back for more. With my mouth. Always dangerous. I was listening for him to indicate that he was close and either he didn’t indicate or I missed it because the next thing I knew he had a ruined orgasm. Damn! Not what I wanted to do at all. I assume today he won’t be as horny. Of course, it’s still a play day so I bet I can make him horny. I’m just annoyed that I went too far. He asked if he would get punished for not telling me he was close. He said it happened really quickly. I won’t punish him for it. It was my fault. I should have left well enough alone.

We also discussed wait times and whether he should know the date. I think maybe after this scheduled date I won’t tell him the next one and see how it goes. I told him he wouldn’t know if I cheated. He said that would be fine with him. He’s usually always ready for an orgasm. I don’t know how his not knowing will affect me. I like being able to tell him how long he has to wait. On the other hand, it might be fun to see how he reacts when he doesn’t know if this time it’s just another edging or if it’s the real thing. I guess we’ll find out.

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