Chastity In Sickness And In Health

Saturday I had terrible abdominal cramps. It may be a side effect of a new med I am taking. In any case, I was in a lot of pain. The last thing I wanted to think about was enforced chastity. I contemplated an emergency room visit, but decided it wasn’t necessary unless the pain continued on Sunday. While in bed I thought I would like the Jail Bird off. There was no discomfort, I just didn’t want anything on me. I didn’t say anything to Mrs. Lion. I realized that there was no reason to remove it. Yes, on or off, there was absolutely no way I would have any interest in sexual activity, but still I didn’t want to take my wedding ring off, so why should I want to be uncaged?

I know that a lot of guys spend a good part of the time uncaged. Frequently this is due to discomfort wearing their devices. I forget the device is there. It’s that comfortable. Anyway, I realized that unless there is a really good reason, I want to stay in my Jail Bird. It’s true that I like feeling that I have no control over my sexual pleasure, but even in a situation where sex is the farthest thing from my mind, I still want it there. To us, the chastity device is a symbol of our commitment to continued sexual intimacy. It’s a symbol of my surrender to Mrs. Lion, and it assures her that she and only she can give me sexual pleasure.

What began as a hot game has morphed into a key part of our commitments to each other. That may seem odd to you, but that’s how it is for us. I know others feel this way too. In many ways this is much easier for me than it is for Mrs. Lion. It’s true that I have surrendered control. But that is something I want to do. So it isn’t a sacrifice for me. It’s my wish. Mrs. Lion, on the other hand, has taken on control she never wanted. I have the Jail Bird to remind me of my commitment. Mrs. Lion has no such symbol.

Maybe there should be a keyholder token too. I know that some keyholders wear the key to their caged male’s cage on a necklace or bracelet. The key to the Jail Bird is a security screwdriver. It is most unattractive. I’ve been thinking about getting Mrs. Lion a decorative key pendant on a silver or gold chain. I think she would like that. Symbols are much more important than we may think. There is comfort and security in them.

For many, maybe even most, enforced chastity is a very hot game. It may be part of a larger D/S game. That’s great. It can be part of a WLM (Wife Led Marriage), but it isn’t necessary for that. For some of us, it’s a key part of our sexual relationship. In our case, it isn’t really part of our brand new WLM. Domestic discipline is administered independent of our enforced chastity activities. It may well stay that way. It could be integrated, of course. Mrs. Lion can delay release and cancel play sessions easily. So far she hasn’t done that. She may never.

I know Mrs. Lion would have unlocked me if I asked. I was really sick and uncomfortable. Even during the worst of it, I found myself touching the cage. Somehow it was reassuring that it was there.

[ Mrs. Lion – I was going to ask if Lion wanted to be unlocked, but I was concerned he would get upset and I didn’t want him in pain and upset at the same time. ]


  1. Author

    I understand the desire to want something for Mrs. Lion to wear as a symbol. I wear my keys and my sweetie has his cage but he also has a necklace that he can touch in public to think of me when we are apart. I tend to play with my keys a lot but they are on a chain with other pendants that mean something to us so they are always on display. Having anything special as a touch point makes a keyholder feel special, it doesn’t just have to be a key.

  2. Author

    I love the openness of the two of you. While my wife and I are only just beginning the journey of my chastity we have already learnt so much from what you have written. The feelings of love, care, and commitment shine through in this artical in particular. It really shows the difference between playing a little game of lock the cock up, verses living a lifestyle committed to male chastity and truly trusting your wife/keyholder.
    Get well soon Mr Lion and keep looking after him Mrs Lion… but keep in his place too 😉

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