A Lioness Always Forgets

Last night I forgot it was punishment night. I remembered it was garbage night. I remembered to do all the things I had to do at work before I left for the week. I remembered we needed bread. But I forgot punishment night. And I was pretty sure I would. A few days ago I even said in a post that Lion would have to remind me. He did. At 11:30 pm. His defense for not reminding me sooner was that my post yesterday suggested he was pushing too hard for domestic discipline so he backed way off. That post was merely a regurgitation of a conversation we had on Wednesday night. I’m not sure why he took the post so much more to heart.

I felt bad that I’d forgotten. He felt bad because he didn’t think I was making him a priority. That’s interesting because yesterday I was dreaming of a day off. A day that I didn’t have to do anything. No laundry. No work. Nobody needing anything from me. A day to do anything I wanted to do, or nothing at all. But where is Lion in that plan? How mean of me! A day just for me? Unheard of. And the truth is, I’d probably be bored. But it’s nice to dream. Anyway, back to the punishment.

After he read my post, Lion said we didn’t have to do domestic discipline. He felt bad that he makes me do things I don’t like to do. I told him not to feel bad. I just need to get my bearings and he does tend to go full throttle in the beginning of new things. Maybe if we start out at on-ramp speed and then gradually attain the speed limit. However, I’ve been behind Lion when he’s gone 100 mph on an on ramp. (He had just come off a race track and forgot he was on a regular road again.) So maybe we need to start out in a school zone and work our way up.

This morning I decided that he should be punished for not reminding me that it was punishment night. He’ll get a certain number of swats for the items on the list, a certain number for not reminding me, and a few for being mad at me and not kissing me goodnight. Even after he decided he couldn’t sleep and turned on the tv again, which prompted me to set reminders for every Monday and Thursday through April on my calendar, he still did not kiss me goodnight. He did eventually hold my hand, but it’s not the same. As far as I know he was no longer mad at me so there’s no excuse for missing the kiss. He gets mad at me if I don’t kiss him as soon as I get home from work, even with the lunatic dog jumping around between us. Sometimes he even gets two kisses if he’s forgotten he already gave me one. I think punishing him for it is fair. And who cares if it’s fair or not? I’m the one doling out punishments here.

So tonight there will be a special Friday night edition of punishment. Number of swats to be determined. Restraints may be required. Poor Lion. Not really. He brought this on himself.

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