Lion’s Coupons

Lion has decided that coupons are his friends. Last night he cashed in his most recent Good Lion coupon for an extra play session of his choice. He’s been watching that spanking video he found online so his choice was spanking and teasing.

A few nights ago I spanked him and he said I could have continued on if I wanted to. Well, the problem was not that I thought he couldn’t handle any more. The problem was that my back was hurting. I was in a bad position while I whacked him. Last night I brought out more implements and also sat next to him a lot of the time rather than kneeling next to him. And I sort of leaned on his back which he probably assumed was to hold him down, but was actually to get a better angle to spank from. At any rate, I got his sexy buns very red and he got his coupon’s worth.

When I was done with his backside, I told him to turn over so I could torture the front side. He had been very horny all day. I know this because he kept telling me. Sort of like a weather report but instead of saying the sun is out now and then there are some clouds, his forecast was the same:

“I’m horny. Did I mention I’m horny? I think I forgot to tell you I’m horny.”

But I have to say, when I was sucking him he didn’t seem all that horny. Eventually I moved beside him and worked on him with my hand. He was very receptive to that.

I was thinking of giving him a ruined orgasm. Each time I edged him I tried to go a little further, but I was afraid of going too far. I edged him five times with no ruined orgasm. Oh well. Something to strive for tonight during his regularly scheduled play night.