The Return of the Cage

Lion is safely locked back in his cage. I gave Mr. Weenie a nice send-off. He was edged a few times and then sucked. Just enough attention to make it that much more difficult to be caged again. Poor Mr. Weenie. Lion still has three days until his scheduled orgasm. I must admit I’ve been tempted a few times to give him a bonus orgasm, but I’ve been trying to restrain myself.

Last night I revealed something to Lion. I felt a twinge of horniness yesterday. I guess it must have been all the talk about wanting to be Lion-humping horny. It didn’t last long but it gives me a glimmer of hope that I may get my libido back. Lion is very excited about that prospect too. I know he would love to be asked to give me orgasms on a regular basis.

While I liked having a wild Lion for nearly two weeks, I’m glad the cage is back. I teased him last night that now his girlfriends can’t have sex with him anymore. I’m not really worried about him having girlfriends. He never strayed when I left him to his own devices. Now that I am keeping him satisfied at home he certainly won’t go looking elsewhere. The cage has little to do with that. I just like that he wears it. We keep saying the cage has made a significant change in our lives, but we didn’t magically return to pre-cage mentality while it was gone. The cage is a symbol of our renewed sex life. Just as we don’t need to wear our wedding rings to be married, we don’t need the cage to continue on with our chastity lifestyle. His cage and my key simply remind us that we belong together.

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    Just commenting on the how different your arrangement is compared to most male chastity stories I have read. This is the first I’ve seen where the woman has scheduled orgasms. It’s interesting. Neither me or my wife have a schedule. I have a general idea of when I’ll have an orgasm and she is free to have one or not whenever she feels. I definitely understand why you both have one though. Good luck!

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