This blog is a running journal of our adventure in enforced male chastity. Since last February, every sexual event in our lives is chronicled here. In the beginning I was a bit embarrassed with the level of detail I reveal about what most people keep private. You can easily learn every sexual act I have experienced, not only in the text of this blog, but also in the Lion Tracker, which is a database of my (and Mrs. Lion’s) sex life.

All this detail has been useful to us. Mrs. Lion uses it to assure she is keeping her commitment to tease me regularly and to increase the number of times I am edged at various teasing sessions. We record and comment on her orgasms as well. We both read each other’s posts and use the information to make things better for one another.

Over this almost-year, the number of people visiting us has steadily increased. I would like to think that means our sharing is interesting and maybe helpful to our readers. Virtually everyone who reads the Journal has seen pictures of my genitals in and out of my Chastity device. How many of your friends have seen yours? Sadly, since a miniscule number of our readers comment or send us an email, I have no way to know how you react to such an explicit look at me. It might make me blush to find out, but it would be nice to know.

Enforced chastity has become firmly rooted in our lives; so has writing here. Mrs. Lion has always been a very private person, but she now shares every intimate detail of our sex life here. Some of the feedback we have received indicates that following along with our struggles and successes has been helpful in our readers’ lives. That feels really good.

Sometimes I wonder if I happen to meet a reader in a locker room, if I would be recognized by my genitals. Probably not. While every penis is different in subtle ways, we all look enough alike that my anonymity would be safe. One of my early fears was what would I do if someone I know figures out who I am? I realized that the answer is, nothing. Why was that person reading an enforced male chastity blog? Wouldn’t that make her as guilty as I?

All this comes back to the idea of over sharing. That term implies that I am providing you with more than you want. If I were, you wouldn’t be reading this now. And if you know me in real life, and you figured out who I am, go ahead and let me know. We can have a great conversation about how my life affects yours.


  1. Author

    Please continue to over share. I have only been reading your blog for a couple weeks now, so I have not had your entire sexual history revealed to me yet, but it is so great to know that there is a couple out there actually making this fantasy happen and working it. If I were to see you in a locker room and recognized you somehow My reaction would be to smile, shake your hand and say “keep living the dream.”

    1. Author

      Thanks for the kind words. Mrs. Lion is kind enough to protect me from that embarrassment. But I would be delighted to get such a friendly reaction.

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