Rewards and Orgasms

Lion and I made quite a pair this weekend. His back was hurting off and on. My head was foggy and trying to decide between migraine and head cold. But we still managed to have some fun. I told you I don’t normally let headaches wreck our plans. I got my pet in his sling for some pain and pleasure. And he gave me some wonderful orgasms too. Now I am back to feeling under the weather. Oh well. It was a good weekend.

I rediscovered the coupons Lion made me so I can reward him or punish him. Optimistically he made about twice as many Good Lion coupons as Naughty Lion coupons. I guess that’s fitting since I’d rather reward him anyway. And actually I have been rewarding him with bonus orgasms lately. He’s been a very lucky boy. I know he likes to be rewarded but I’m sure he’d like to be punished too. I need to be more aware of his transgressions. Now that I think about it, I do owe him some swats for spilling tea all over the table and floor. He made quite a mess. I shouldn’t let that go unpunished.

He has been making dinner more often than not for the past few weeks. He’s a much better cook than I am and most of the things he’s wanted for dinner are above my skill level. He also tends to get home from work a little earlier than I do. He’ll start cooking so that when I get home dinner is almost ready. I would reward him, but, as I said, he’s been getting a lot of orgasms lately. What do you give the man who already has frequent orgasms? I guess I could give him coupons for future orgasms. The well is sure to dry up at some point. If we happen upon a fourteen day wait he might need to cash in a coupon.

Tonight is a play night for Lion. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll do to him, but I’m sure he’ll love it. Or he’ll love to hate it.

What do you think?