Weekend Orgasm

My migraine opened the door for a head cold. I may not be able to breathe well enough for oral activities, but I can still play with Lion tonight. He will be glad to hear that.

Tomorrow night is Lion’s scheduled orgasm date. I’ve missed a few play days with my headache so I need to make up time with him. He hasn’t been edged in days. I’ve patted his buns, but there haven’t been any substantial swats in a long time. I’ve fondled his balls, but I haven’t whomped them. Poor neglected Lion! I will do what I can to rectify that situation.

At some point over the weekend I think we need some sling time again. He really is at my mercy when he’s strapped into it. I can do anything I want to him. He can only wiggle and maybe move away a little bit, but he comes swinging right back to me. This motion is particularly helpful when I’m pegging him. I very light thrust on my part swings him away and back again. The sling also opens up his butt for a more precise spanking. And, of course, all his bits and pieces are right there at my disposal. Yes, the sling will get some work this weekend.

For tonight, I thought I’d stuff him with a butt plug and fashion a cage out of a piece of rope. I’m sure his cock is missing the confinement and I can fix that. And then I will have to give him the edging that he’s missed. I may just go until I break him. I don’t know how horny he’s been the past few days, but I’m sure I can get him nice and hard. And, even though I may not be able to breathe well enough to give him a proper blow job, I know I can tease him enough to drive him crazy. He should have a fun weekend.