It’s interesting to me that Lion and I always seem to have a different take on the same thing. I guess it’s normal to some extent. We don’t really have much in common over all. Different taste in music, movies, even sex. Opposites really do attract.

While I do agree that, for now, sex should be one sided, what I was thinking about last night was that I can’t wait until we can both come at the same time. Or at least within a few minutes of each other. I know until my libido picks up that won’t happen. And I guess in a chastity atmosphere it shouldn’t happen. His orgasms should be few and far between while mine should be, well if you ask Lion, every day. Even if my libido were in full swing I wouldn’t want sex every day. At this point we’d both settle for once a week. I mean really wanting sex, not our jump-starter sex.

How do I reconcile my wanting mutually satisfying sex with chastity? Well neither one of us can “win” in this situation. Lion puts me first. I put him first. So there has to be a compromise. And that’s where it gets complicated. How much of the time should be spent having mutually satisfying sex versus solitary satisfying sex? And who gets more of the solitary sex? Again, Lion would say I do and I would say he does. I know, most of you are jumping up and down right now yelling at the screen saying I have the power so I should just decide. But you know what I’d choose. And that probably annoys many of you. If I am in charge I should think of myself. Easier said than done. I’m not wired that way.

Of course, I am assuming that my libido does, in fact, get jump started and I get back on a path to actually wanting sex. I have to assume that or this is for naught. So when I am horny again we’ll have to discuss things. He will still probably have scheduled orgasms, but I won’t need to. Then the issue will be how I want my orgasms delivered. And at this point I’m looking forward to having Lion making the earth move for me on the way to his own orgasm.

If you have been keeping up with us, Mrs. Lion decided to schedule her orgasms in much the same way she schedules mine — hopefully more frequently. This was the second scheduled orgasm. The first was on December 21. Her orgasm calendar sits next to mine. We both hope that these orgasms will restart her mojo. After she came tonight, she said that she thought it might. Boy, would that be good news!

When we were cuddling, I mentioned that I wished I were wild. She reminded me that I told her I should remain in my cage while pleasuring her. I remembered that and I do agree. The reason is that I don’t want her distracted by thinking of reciprocating. I want to be sure she is focused 100% on her pleasure, not mine. She pointed out that I could be wild and still not have her do anything. I suggested that the temptation would be too easy. This way, it was very clear that tonight was just for her.

Christmas night I got a bonus orgasm. It’s odd, but the day after I come, I find myself very horny. That makes little sense, since I should be satisfied and uninterested in sex. Mrs. Lion agreed to play with me and then out of Christmas charity, let me come again. It felt wonderful.

There is a lot to be said in favor of serial orgasms. Even in a vanilla relationship, if only one partner at a time has orgasms on a given day, I think that sex in general would improve. Here’s my thinking: One component, conscious or unconscious, of sex is worry about the other partner’s pleasure. If it is clear and cheerfully agreed that on a given day only one partner will come, there is none of the inevitable stress and possibly guilt that the other partner may feel deprived. Guys, in particular, are very good at laying guilt trips on partners who don’t assure they make sure their men also come.

In enforced chastity, of course, the base assumption is that the male has no expectation of coming except on the relatively rare occasions when his keyholder chooses to get him off. He, on the other hand, expects to give his keyholder orgasms as often as she would like.

I suspect that this reversal in expectations goes a long way toward improving the woman’s sexual pleasure. Ironically, the caged male also has more pleasure because of the control and buildup that inevitably occurs before he finally gets to come.

I know that I really love giving orgasms to Mrs. Lion. I also love that she knows that I don’t want or expect reciprocation. We are new at the Mrs. Lion orgasm opportunities. After just two very nice evenings, we may have some progress toward waking up Mrs. Lion’s sleeping libido. Mrs. Lion, it’s wake up time!


Lion always seems to be horny the day after an orgasm. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have been playing with him, but he was sooooo horny. Poor thing. Luckily I was still in the Christmas spirit.

I wasn’t even sure I was going to edge him. I thought maybe I’d just play with him a bit. I got him hard and started stroking. I kept stopping well before he was close. He kept eying me. I’d get him riled up and stop. He was not amused. Sure it felt good but it wasn’t what he was looking for.

Finally I went further. And I kept going. He really wasn’t expecting an orgasm. That was part ofthe fun of it. As he got closer he seemed to get nervous. What was I doing? If I pushed him much further he would certainly come. Was he allowed to come? He wasn’t sure but I wasn’t letting up. And then I let him come.

Of course he was grateful but he asked why I let him. Why not? I could decide to make him wait X number of days and then give him orgasms on the scheduled date and the day after. That’s the plan for New Year’s Eve/Day. I just decided to do it for Christmas Eve/Day too. Lucky Lion.

(Christmas Day 2014) Christmas Eve was great! Mrs. Lion edged me five times (She told me. I can’t count when that aroused). One of those times was so close that I was sure I was going to have a ruined orgasm. I can’t believe how close that was. I was sure that semen would come dripping out. Finally, she moved between my legs and gave me an amazing blow job. It was incredible.

I’m writing this on Christmas day. We are having a quiet day watching TV and pigging out. We had BLT’s for lunch (we both love them way too much) and have a huge ham for dinner. We should have leftovers for weeks. We’ll have both mashed white and sweet potatoes and a nice veggie. We have an apple pie and some mead to toast each other.

Mrs. Lion’s Christmas “surprises” haven’t arrived. Two bottles of very bright nail polish remain on our bathroom counter. I know they are destined for me and waiting is a killer. I’m not at all anxious to have painted nails, but knowing they are coming makes me anxious. Once done, at least it will be over. The other discussed concept was replacing my Australian underwear with panties. When we talked about it last night, Mrs. Lion was surprised that wearing panties would be less concerning than painted toenails. I can always take panties off. It isn’t so easy to get nail polish off.

The kinky part of me secretly likes both ideas. It isn’t because I want to be feminine. No, not in the least. It precisely because I don’t want to be feminine that it is exciting. The same is true of diapers. I really don’t like wearing them. But what I like about all three is that I am doing something purely because Mrs. Lion is in charge. It enhances my feeling of her control. If, for example, I am always either diapered or in panties, there is no escape from her control.

You might wonder why my chastity device isn’t that permanent reminder. In fact, it is. But it is part of me now; a useful tool that has revitalized our sex life. No humiliation there. I have to admit that the panties and diapers are my ideas. Painted toe nails came directly from Mrs. Lion. Never, ever in a million years would I have suggested that. Talk about control. Yup, that feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me of the three new things, that one hits the hardest.

I have never wanted anyone to take control of me in ways I can’t hide (another reason I like her surprises). Admittedly the painted toe nails are fairly safe unless my doctor wants to check my feet. Wearing the diapers or panties in public carry risks of their own. Panties might be seen at the urinal or when I tuck my shirt in. Diapers have leaked when out in public, leaving me with a telltale wet spot. I like that risk. I love the control. You think I’m kinky?

We didn’t exchange gifts this year. We decided we had the best gifts of all. I have Mrs. Lion. She is my best friend and playmate. She takes great care of me and makes me feel loved and wanted. Waking up next to her on Christmas morning and reaching over to touch her is the best gift I could ever get. The orgasm last night didn’t hurt either.