I alluded to a choice Lion would have. Although I didn’t offer it to him last night because we were both tired and I think it’s more effective if he’s very horny, I did tell him about it. To my surprise he said he couldn’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t jump at the chance. So what was this choice?

It’s a Lion ride to an orgasm in exchange for an extended wait time. I hadn’t really figured out what the wait time would be yet. It was anywhere from a day to his next scheduled date. I think it needs to be flexible. Many things could determine a suitable trade. How long has it been since he’s had an orgasm? How far away is his scheduled date? How horny is he? If he’s desperarte for an orgasm, theoretically he might agree to more days. I have him over a barrel, so to speak. If he’s close to his scheduled date I have to sweeten the deal or he may just decide to wait.

Obviously I can take an orgasm any time I want to and change his wait time at whim. But I thought a trade was a fun idea. Put him in the hot seat and watch him squirm. However, it seems that Lion will take a Lion ride any time it’s offered. For an orgasm or not. I asked if he would do it if I told him his next date was March first. But he knows I would never wait that long to make him come again.

In his current state of less than tree-humping horniness, I don’t think I’ll give him the choice. He only has to make it two more days this time around. Maybe next time. He doesn’t know how long that wait will be yet.

(Tuesday, December 2, 2014) True to form, today my sixth day is less than wonderful. I’m not horribly depressed, but my interest in sex is minimal right now. Last time I couldn’t understand why I wanted to be caged. This time, I am fine with the idea of enforced chastity, just not sexually motivated. The mystery to me is why on this sixth day of waiting does my world change?

It’s not that I don’t get any stimulation. Mrs. Lion has religiously teased me every second day. For some reason completely independent of stimulation, I get down on my sixth day. If this time is like last time, tomorrow I will be hot and horny again. Some of last week’s sadness had nothing to do with enforced chastity. There have been some financial bumps in our lives that were also getting me down. This week has a better prospect, so at least that isn’t weighing my down. But that nagging, unhappy feeling is still there: the sixth day blues. Sounds a little like a song title. No, I won’t compose some corny lyrics. I’m tempted, but no, you don’t deserve that.

Tonight Mrs. Lion teased me. It wasn’t very intense. It was fun, but not what I would expect after all this waiting. I can’t understand it. It’s getting late now, so this will be a very short post. Tomorrow’s the seventh day. On the seventh day the lion should be massively horny again…I hope.

Lion thinks he is letting me down by not giving me sex. Funny. I think I’m letting him down by not wanting sex. When I try to decide how I will play with him on a given night, I think how great it would be if I could just jump on him and go for a ride. Of course I could. But I’m talking about really wanting to do it.

As I edge him I’m trying to get him to a point that he will go out of his mind if I don’t let him come right that instant. I want him to be ready to burst at the seams. And if I do let him come I want him to see stars and fireworks.

Lion has always been a horny being. He does have his off days, but for the most part he’s ready to go at all times. He says he gets turned on just by thinking about me. I have always been less horny. I don’t know if it’s a female thing or what. I do love snuggling with him and when he bends over in front of me it’s a very yummy sight, but it doesn’t get my juices flowing. I guess I have to make it more of a priority. But what if it’s something I can’t control? I don’t think I want to go through any hormone treatment. When is it ok to not want sex? When will Lion stop feeling like it’s a failure on his part?

If you’ve been reading along, you know that today is the sixth day of my current wait. Like last time, I had a ruined orgasm just the other night. The sixth day seems to be when I get very unhappy about being caged and not getting orgasms on demand. It came up several times over the last months and both Mrs. Lion and I wonder if this is an artifact of my chastity; something about waiting six days pushes me over the edge. In case you wondered, I am writing this on the evening of the fifth day when I am at my horniest. The ruined orgasm on Sunday night seems to have taken some of the edge off that.

Right now it is hard for me to believe my feelings will change so radically in just a few hours. We shall see. Mrs. Lion has some fun and games planned for tomorrow night whether I am grumpy or not. She hasn’t shared with us what is going to happen, so stay tuned. Another ongoing story of ours involves sex for Mrs. Lion. As she has said, she isn’t really horny, but thinks that perhaps if she has orgasms anyway it could start her engine. My efforts in the past haven’t met with great success. We discussed it last night and she thinks we can work out more effective sexual communication. I can’t wait!

Mrs. Lion has a very hard job and I feel guilty that I am putting her through it. Managing the care and feeding of a caged male is a lot of work. When  you do it, as she has, without the reward of her own sexual satisfaction, it feels to me that it must be pure work with no fun. I know she does it because she loves me and wants me to be happy (or unhappy in a way I want). It’s very important to me that she gets something in return. That’s why it matters so much to me that we work out a way for me to know when Mrs. Lion is “ready”. If you wonder why I just don’t try and see, it sets up worse feelings. She won’t stop me because she knows how much I love pleasing her. But I can tell she isn’t really into it.

I know we will figure this out. She and I always find a way. This will be no different.