Happy Lion

Yesterday Lion’s back didn’t hurt as much so he was hornier than he has been in a while. While I still entertained the idea of a Lion ride, I didn’t want to push our luck. There’s plenty of time for that on the weekend assuming things stay the same.

As I was whomping his balls and teasing him I was trying to decide if I would give him a bonus orgasm. After I edged him a few times I tried something I’ve never done before. In the past I have done only upstrokes, which keep his interest up but are not in any danger of making him come. Last night I did only down strokes. Very slowly at first, then I sped up and eventually a full stroke. Between his very nice erection and the fact that he has been in so much pain lately, I decided he needed some pleasure. After edging him again I let him come. I made him eat it but we decided a bad taste in his mouth was a fair trade for an orgasm.

Afterwards he told me he could have waited. I have no doubt. I know he wasn’t his tree-humping horny self and he could have made it to Sunday. It’s not that many days away. It wasn’t like I needed to taste him. I did have a little taste, but that wasn’t my motivation. Sometimes I just want to give him release. What can I say? I like to make him come.

He’s still guaranteed to come Sunday and then I will probably set another date. Whether I adhere to that date is to be determined. I can do what I want and Lion is in no position to argue. Well, he can argue but I’ll probably laugh at him.