Long Weekend

Lion is able to work from home today. His office is near a mall so making his way past the Black Friday shoppers would have been impossible. I am lucky enough to have four days off.  It’s nice to have a long weekend with Lion.

On Wednesday he almost missed his window for contacting me. As you may recall, he must send some sort of message to me each workday before noon. The other day my email came at 11:50. Very close! While I was waiting I made a decision. I know he’s been very busy at work. He would have a valid reason for not finding time to email me. But I decided that if he missed the deadline he should still receive a punishment. However, his swats would not have been as hard as usual.

I thought it was important to maintain some sort of punishment even if he has a good excuse. Of course, I didn’t need to do it since my pet followed instructions. But now he knows there will be consequences even with a valid excuse. And I’m proud of myself for this. Usually I look for any excuse not to follow through on a punishment. Maybe I am evolving.


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    I don’t think I am projecting but is it remotely possible that setting up these time frames is in some manner perhaps anxiety provoking? Then again on the flip side I can also understand how frameworks build a foundation of structure, if that is the goal. Not quite comprehending the purpose in scheduling orgasm dates?

    Additionally what is the goal in Mr. Lion contacting Mrs. Lion before 12 noon? Is setting up an expectation a good thing? Maybe it is. My point is what precisely does this accomplish for your relationship dynamic?


    Avid reader, MMNYC

  2. Author

    Lion wanted a scheduled orgasm date. He didn’t like an open-ended wait time. And he also wanted more rules so I decided he should contact me before noon every workday.

    1. Author

      Dear Mrs. Lion:

      “He did not like the open ended wait time”. Because?
      “And he also wanted more rules”…….. Because?

      Inquiring minds would respectfully request some clarification if you would be so kind.


      Mistress MetalNYC

      1. Author

        Stay tuned. Tomorrow morning inquiries will be answered; at least my version.

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