Mailbag: I’m Too Big For That Cage

Only one email today, but one that I think affects a lot of us.

I Am Nine and a Half inches fully extended, about six and a half flaccid, have a big corona ridge and head, I would appreciated suggestions on how to get a good fit. I want to remain chaste and honest to my fiancé, When I wear a metal cage, head becomes swollen and red, I am concerned about permanent damage. Any real suggestions? This is for real. I enjoy enforced chastity for two reasons more intense orgasms, and It avoids jealousy because my Girlfriend. knows I was very promiscuous when I was single, I am willing to purchase a “Holy Trainer” but I do not want to spend that kind of money, then have it come apart.

You and I have the same problem, just yours is a very large penis, and mine, well you know. Off-the-shelf devices like the Holy Trainer work for the “average” guy. Actually, they don’t work too well for anyone, but at least if you are the right size for one of these, it will work. In your case, I suspect none of the CB’s or other plastic devices will end up fitting correctly. You may have to save your pennies, but I’m afraid that a custom device is needed.

You mention that a metal cage irritates the head of your penis. It’s probably not the stainless steel. It just doesn’t fit correctly. I suggest you contact one of the two main custom cage makers: Mature Metal or Steelworx. Both companies are happy to help you figure out the best device for you. While you are saving up, you can experiment with base rings. Mature Metal sells a set of rings that allow you to work out what is best for you. Alternatively, you can go to the local hardware store and buy metal rings in a wide range of sizes. Either way, try one, if it is too tight to wear for long, try the next size. I suggest that when you think you have the right size, wear that ring for at least two full weeks, 24 hours a day. If it remains comfortable and isn’t too loose (see our article Getting A Good Fit for more information), then that will be the size to order.

The best thing about custom devices is that the makers are willing to adjust them if you need a change. They charge a fair price for these adjustments. If you go the Holy Trainer or other off-the-shelf route, you may end up spending more money on replacing these devices than you would have spent to get one made for you.