All In Fun

Mrs. Lion has been struggling with the idea of disciplining me. I think this is a case of my failing to align reality with fantasy. As we all know, I like the idea of Mrs. Lion taking control. One way to demonstrate that control is to enforce rules. The problem with this idea is that Mrs. Lion knows I work hard to have a harmonious relationship with her. I just don’t do things that need discipline. I won’t, either. Our relationship comes first.

So what is a lioness to do? Recently on a forum, Tom Allen mentioned “funishments”. He, like me, enjoys control. So, his wife provides opportunities to “discipline” him. It’s all for fun, though I suspect his bottom, like mine, doesn’t always think it is so much fun.

We do something like this now. Mrs. Lion often swats me with a paddle for dropping food or my napkin. If I forget and eat first, that too can earn me swats. This works well so far. I admit that sometimes I don’t look forward to the swats, but mostly I am very happy I’ve earned them. So far, I haven’t earned extra wait days. I guess once we get back on track we can try those too.

Happily, I am getting over my virus so we can return to our adventure. It did have to be suspended while I was under the weather. It feels  nice to be back to my old self.