Cloudy with a Chance of Snuggling

I love the fall. I love all the different colors on the trees. But fall is also somewhat depressing. Those beautiful leaves have to be cleaned up. It gets dark earlier and earlier. It’s cooler. Here, we transition to almost constant overcast skies that won’t completely go away until at least June. Every year I threaten to hibernate.

I think Lion being sick, along with the return of the rain, has us in the doldrums again. Once my sinuses get accustomed to the humidity levels again, I should be better. I was thinking of spanking Lion tonight, but after reading his post from this morning, I’m not sure he wants that. Ultimately I know it’s my call. If I think he should be spanked then he’ll be spanked. But, again, I think the common sense approach works best. If he wants to snuggle and work our way back to playing and sex then that works for me.

I feel like we’re in a sort of limbo. Neither of us is quite sure what to do next. So we’ll take it as it comes and figure it out as we go along. I’m sure we’ll be up and running in no time.

[Lion — I would like that spanking tonight, I think]