A Helping Hand

Masturbating Lion
I offered a helping hand to Lion. It appears to have returned his mojo.

Apparently Lion was correct in his comment to my post yesterday. All he needed was a helping hand to jump start his horniness. But it does beg the question, what was I not doing over the past few days that left him not horny? I know we had a rough weekend, but I think I kept to my schedule of attention every other day. It is possible, and probably natural, that Lion just wasn’t horny for that period of time. I just hope I wasn’t the reason for it.

If last night is any indication, I was not. He got hard right away. I played with his balls and stroked him for quite a while before I attempted to edge him. And I was able to successfully edge him three times. I was happy it didn’t end in a ruined orgasm. Sometimes I worry that I won’t react quickly enough to his signals, especially since it’s been a while since I’ve edged him. We’ve played. I just haven’t edged him.

Thanks to our handy dandy Lion Tracker, I just realized that the last time we really had a play session was six days ago when I tied him up, put clothes pins on his balls and gave him a bonus orgasm. So technically he wouldn’t necessarily have been horny on Saturday or Sunday. It was two and three days after an orgasm. Sheesh! And I was all worried about him. Now I’m very glad we have the Lion Tracker. I didn’t think it was very useful, but it has proved itself.

Obviously I’m glad Lion is back to his horny self. I have big plans for his orgasm scheduled for Thursday night. Pegging, restraints, spanking, maybe some other activities and then the big finale. It will be better for both of us if he’s at least a little bit horny. I’m hoping for tree humping horny. I think I can get him there.