Twenty-One Days

Lion had a fairly anticlimactic climax last night. I asked him if it was because he’s received two bonus orgasms within this waiting period. He said he thinks it’s stress. I can certainly understand that. We have stress coming out of our ears lately. I was wondering if withholding orgasms would add to his tension. To me, having that outlet would make sense. But then I was thinking that staying the course and doing what makes him happy (even if it doesn’t really give him pleasure in the traditional sense) is probably better.

Before we went to sleep last night, he asked if I was really going to make him wait twenty-one days for his next orgasm. I told him it could be worse. It could be a full month. I think I made him very nervous with yesterday’s announcement that I could punish him by eliminating a play session. Poor Lion. Yes, my pet, the wait time is twenty-one days. That will match his record wait of earlier in the summer. Now I get to set the rules.

The love coupons are in play. With Lion’s gift of a perpetual calendar, keeping track of days will be easier so adding or subtracting days should not be a problem anymore. If I do impose extra day(s), I will do so with a Naughty Lion coupon and I will decide how many days are added based on the infraction. He will be able to use his coupon to move up the date, but he needs to be careful. He has two coupons. I have an unlimited supply of Naughty Lion coupons. I would never add a day simply to counteract his coupon, but he does have a limited supply. He should choose wisely. If he uses one of his bonus orgasm coupons, the clock starts over. If I give him a bonus orgasm, the clock does not start over. In that respect he’s lucky I have an unlimited supply of coupons. He can use his wild Lion coupon any time, but if I see him doing something inappropriate while he’s wild I will punish him for it. What’s inappropriate? If I feel he’s touching himself too much especially if he’s hard, for example. Unfortunately for him, it’s at my discretion. I will play with Lion at least every other day, unless he earns a punishment. If any questions arise we will discuss them and I will decide what action to take.

Depending on how things go, Lion may be waiting a month anyway. We’ll see if he can earn days off as quickly and easily as he can earn added days. Poor thing. I can hear him grumbling already.

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