Lasting Effects

Last night Lion had some anal training. I used the smaller Njoy plug. As I was inserting it I noticed that his cheeks were still rosy from his punishment swats. Just the roughed up outline of the paddle, but it always amazes me when I leave a lasting mark on him. In the past I have tried to give him bruises. Supposedly with our big wooden spoon I should be able to consistently do it. But there have been very few times it actually worked. Of course, I’m not talking about beating him to a pulp. I mean one bruise that he’ll feel for a day or so. I may add that as my next goal.

I know he has his cage and that’s a constant reminder that I am in charge, but sometimes Lion needs a different kind of reminder. A nice bruise would remind him every time he sat down. And thinking about that might even make him horny. Since he likes when I flex my muscle, so to speak, I may have to come up with more ways to remind him who’s the boss.

We do text and send emails throughout the day. Generally they are just about dinner or laundry, but sometimes I stop him in his tracks. The few times I’ve told him I’d be using his tongue or fingers for my pleasure, I know no matter what else was going on he was probably working on a chubby at that moment. Yay me! Mission accomplished. Mostly I want to keep him on his toes. I don’t want things to get boring for him. So I’ll be on the lookout for ways to keep things interesting. Poor Lion.