Last night I think I surprised Lion by noticing that he ate before I did and he dropped some food. Normally he admits it before I realize he did it. He earned himself four swats. Since I “award” different amounts of swats each time, he’s never sure how many swats are coming or how hard they will be. I guess those four swats were especially hard because he squirmed a lot. Squirming sometimes earns him more swats, but I was just proud of myself for catching him last night so I didn’t add any.

As promised, I gave him his anniversary orgasm last night. Since it was a special occasion I don’t know if it negates his regularly scheduled orgasm for tonight. We’ll have to play that by ear. I did leave him wild for the night. He was happy to be wild.

This morning, while he was in the bathroom, I put the cock ring and the shock collar on the bed. We haven’t used the shock collar in over a month. I packed it away for one of our trips and never brought it out. He’s been talking about it lately so I decided he should wear it. Now he is safely locked in his cage and ready for a shock.

Actually he’s not ready for a shock. He never seems ready for it. So far, every time I have shocked him, even if he sees me push the button, he jumps. Sometimes he even lets out a little , “Hey!” This is why I laugh at him. Maybe if I use it enough on him I will get over the amusement value of it and be able to use it for correction.

Correction is difficult for me. I know he wants me to do it, but it’s not really in my nature to want to change his behavior. Even for things that really annoy me, like when he interrupts me. I’m not ready to set a goal for it yet, as I did for anal training. It’s just something I need to work on.

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