Why Anal?

I’m sure many of you wonder why I want to train Lion to take the larger Njoy butt plug and then my fist. Well, it’s a long term goal for one thing. It’s something we will work at for a long time. It’s not like spanking which is over fairly quickly. There’s no set date, but we are both committed to making it happen. Lion doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter. He agreed to it so it is now in my control. Naturally, I will take certain things into consideration. Last night he had the smaller Njoy in for about an hour when he confided that he was having a lot of discomfort and asked if I would remove it. I’m not evil. Of course I removed it.

Another reason I want to train Lion anally is more of a selfish one. Actually it’s two-fold. First, when I put the butt plug in I am done. I check in from time to time, but for the most part, it’s pretty hands off. This is not true of dildos. They require my attention to keep them in or to move them in and out. We do have a fucking machine that we’ve used once or twice for Lion’s “pleasure”. Once he is able to handle pegging better we’ll use it again and then even that will be hands off to some extent. Second, by making it a long term goal, I’m hoping it will keep my focus and I won’t get bored with it. It can be my go-to activity. When I don’t know what else to do, I can do that.

And finally, the best way for me to peg and fist Lion is in the sling. He loves the sling. He was excited just thinking about being in it last weekend. I think that’s why he was super hard on Sunday. He didn’t necessarily enjoy being pegged, but being restrained is like hitting the jackpot for him. He got excited last night just thinking about how excited he was in the sling.

Lion hasn’t gotten to the point of actually enjoying pegging yet. The first sex we ever had was anal. Him inside me. We used to do it a lot. Then he introduced the idea of playing and we did it less and then not at all. Then the tables turned and I was doing it to him. It’s an intense feeling. Similar to and yet different from vaginal sex. It’s been a long time, but I liked it. I know Lion will too. He just needs to be trained.