I’m Not Sorry

Whenever I give Lion an orgasm I almost feel the need to apologize for not making him wait longer. I know this is just between the two of us, but since we’ve been sharing with our readers it seems like I’m letting all of you down by giving him release. I can almost hear the collective groan, “He had another orgasm? Jeez! What’s up with this woman? Doesn’t she know the rules?”

I don’t know the rules. I’m making them up as I go along. Besides, there isn’t one set of rules. Suppose I told you that you have to eat dinner at five o’clock every night. That’s the rule. My parents did it like clockwork. My grandparents, dairy farmers, ate at 4:30. Since many people don’t even get off work till after five, that rule wouldn’t work very well. There can’t be one set of rules for everyone. So why do I feel like I let you down?

Everything I’ve read says I should be making Lion wait weeks, months, years for an orgasm. That seems silly to me. Why am I making him wait? So he’ll be more docile? More helpful around the house? More attentive? He’s already a great guy. He does things that annoy me. Interrupting, for example. But I don’t feel the need to change him. Besides, if I wanted to deny him that long we could have just continued with our previous state of sexual relations. I could have let him take care of himself.

To me, playing is all about sex. It never occurred to me that I could play with him without giving him an orgasm at the end. If I’m going to give him a big spanking, get his cheeks all rosy, get him all turned on, there should be a logical conclusion. I think that’s why I had so much trouble in the beginning. There’s not really a logical conclusion to edging him a few times and then just locking him back up. What’s the point?

Just like there’s not one set of rules, there isn’t one point to it all. Lion and I don’t care about marathon waits. Without a specific date chosen, my only goal for him is to make it to when he is really, obviously tree-humping horny and then add a day or two. Can I change my mind in the future? I can change my mind by the time I’m done writing this! A month from now I may be extolling the virtues of a month’s wait. Who knows?

What I do know is that last night I tied Lion to the bed, smacked his balls more times than he wanted me to, and then I gave him a blow job which culminated in a big orgasm. And we both went to bed with smiles on our faces. And I’m not the least bit sorry for that.


  1. Author

    My grandfather used to say, “It is your story, tell it like you want.”
    As long it is fun, who’s business is it anyway?

  2. Author

    I am with you on this one Mrs Lion.

    The first rule is he does anything you say. There is no second rule.

    I am finding out to my cost that chastity is not about cumming so I can only wait until Goddess sees fit to reward me.

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