dildo being inserted in ass
Mrs. Lion inserting a large, 1 3/4-inch dia. dildo in my butt. This picture was taken a few years ago when she started my anal training. We left off for a long time, so she will need to begin again with something a bit smaller.

Mrs. Lion and I have just returned from a weekend away. As you may recall, she wrote about her new goal of more lion play. On Saturday night I got a nice spanking. She made my cheeks rosy red, she said. I can’t really see. They felt red and hot! She followed that with some nice teasing. One thing though: after she had edged me a bit, I told her I really didn’t feel like coming. Gasp! Did he really say that? Yuppers, I did. I just didn’t feel that familiar urgency. Mrs. Lion said, “Good thing. I wasn’t going to let you come, anyway.”

I’m not sure why my horniness wasn’t up to its usual level. After my erection subsided, she had me put the ring on and she locked me back up. Sunday night we just went to bed and to sleep. So, I have been orgasm-free since last Thursday night. It’s only four days, so it isn’t inconceivable that I might not be in the mood, just out of character. I am excited by Mrs. Lion’s goal of more playing including anal stretching. She had the mini-lion casting with her when we traveled (in her travel toy bag), but we didn’t do any anal play. We were both tired so I think that may have slowed down her progress. I’m sure she will pick up where she left off.

I did ask her about her plans. We have two anal projects: one is to work me up to the huge Njoy 2.0 butt plug. The other is to get me relaxed enough to accept her hand. The second requires increasing time with thicker and thicker dildos. We have a nice collection, so she has the tools. I’m sure she will report her progress. I will also let you know from the receiver’s point of view. Funny thing, writing this has made me horny. Maybe I am in the mood after all. I wonder if Mrs. Lion is too.

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    The first time Merry fisted me: Aug 2013 at a BDSM party. We were engaged, but not yet married. I was so deep in subspace, I didn’t know what she was doing until it was done.

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