Getting It Up Is (Sometimes) Hard To Do

hand in undies
Manual stimulation alone doesn’t immediately make me hard. I seem to need more.

Last Friday when we were away, Mrs. Lion unlocked me and played with me. To my surprise and dismay, it took quite a while for me to get hard. It had been over five days since my last orgasm, so I was certainly massively horny. Still, it took a few minutes for me to stand at attention. I expected that I would be erect the second Mrs. Lion touched my cock. I can’t explain why she had to work so long to get me hard.

One possible reason is that I was out of practice. That doesn’t really make sense. My penis attempts to get hard at least once every night. I know for sure my body remembers what to do when my penis is stimulated. But then what could be going on? When Mrs. Lion began fondling me, it felt good but not in the I-need-more-now way. After a bit, it felt that way again, so it wasn’t anything she was or wasn’t doing. Her mouth-to-cock resuscitation was immediately successful.

I’ve noticed this resistance to manual stimulation some other times too. It isn’t that my penis is so sensitive that her manual stimulation hurts. It doesn’t. It just takes a while to feel good enough to get erect. A theory of mine is that as time goes by I grow less sexually sensitive in general. I just defocus from penile stimulation. That doesn’t make me less horny or wanting release, but it may make my cock more “cautious” about what should be arousing. Even before I was caged, manual stimulation without any conversation or other non-penile warmup would make it take longer for me to get hard. So, taking me out of my cage without verbal or other sexual activity may just not set me up to get instantly hard. Part of this, of course, is my age. As we grow older, we need more stimulation in general.

I do know that Mrs. Lion really turns me on. Rubbing or licking her gets me hard inside my cage as I arouse her more and more. I can feel my cock wishing it could replace my finger or tongue inside her. That is a great turn on! Another possibility that might explain my delayed reaction is that for the last several years we have not been very sexually active. Mrs. Lion hasn’t been feeling very sexual. I, not being great at initiation, just made that worse. So, for me sex has been occasional handjobs, the rare oral sex, or masturbating myself. I didn’t masturbate often, weekly at the most, often less. But the bottom line was that my penis was handled and masturbated by me or Mrs. Lion without conversation or other stimulation. I came every time, but I can’t say it was wonderful. It was release.

Now that sex has moved more toward the center of our lives things are different for the two of us. Unfortunately, apparently my penis hasn’t gotten the memo. I would like to return to my former self; reacting to even the smallest touch from Mrs. Lion. I think this will require a new approach. For example, when Mrs. Lion says she will tie me to the bed and… (fill in the blank), I react immediately. If she tells me that she will spank me, or she will make me hard and then make me suffer, or…you get the idea, it seems to go straight to my cock.

Does this mean that Mrs. Lion is doing something wrong? No, not at all. I think I have always been this way. I need the images in my head before the hand on my cock has the desired effect. In fact, this may be why initiation is so hard for me. I don’t seem able to self-generate the required mental stimulation. It’s not that I don’t have a vivid imagination. Obviously, I do. I just don’t seem to be able to easily start my own motor. As I think back over my life, this has always been the case. It’s just how I am wired. This lion doesn’t have an electric starter. However, Mrs. Lion knows how to get me started when she wants.

I have wondered if I could be trained to respond more readily to physical stimulation alone. I am not sure exactly how that would go, but I think that I could be taught to associate a phrase or gesture with erection. It would take time and patience, but it might work. If it does, the next step could be to use this to get me to initiate. I’m not sure. Mrs. Lion will have to decide if this makes sense to her and to us.


  1. Author

    I wonder if you’ve tried taking something like Cialis. It might be the boost you need.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your suggestion. The problem isn’t ED (erectile Deficiency). It’s the way I am wired. I have tried Cialis and it is fun once I am hard, but the issue is that initial start. However, Mrs. Lion knows how to get me going so it isn’t really a problem as long as she is in the “cockpit”.

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