Vacation Fun and Spanking Training From Mrs Lion’s Point of View

Lion paints a wonderful picture of his vacation fun, but he leaves out a few details. And, of course, he can’t give you my point of view. Things were somewhat different in my mind.

We had to run to Walmart, since we have never gone anywhere without forgetting at least one thing. Walking past the paint department I spotted a paint stirrer. I snatched one up. I had plans for this little strip of wood. Lion made his uh oh face.

When I unlocked him that night, the first thing I did was massage his balls. I told him I was going to toughen them up. I swatted them a few times with my hand. Then I pulled out the paint stirrer. I guess it stings quite a bit because Lion was squirming in no time. I also swatted the head of his penis and down the shaft. More squirming. Exactly the reaction I was looking for. While I was swatting him I was talking to him. I told him he was doing great. I asked him how it felt and he said it stung but it felt fine. I said his balls were getting tougher already.

After I was finished with his balls, I told him we were going to try out his new restraints. Lion was very accurate in his description of his spanking. I did continue after he started complaining, which was something he pointed out previously. However, this is where our stories diverge.

I don’t normally talk much while I’m playing with Lion. He’s told me he wants encouragement. So while spanking him I told him how rosy his cheeks were getting and how much I love red buns. After a particularly hard set of swats with the strap I leaned close to him and said he took it very well. I kissed his butt and told him how cute it was. To me this is encouragement.

When I released Lion and asked how it felt he said he loved it but could use more encouragement. This was very discouraging to me. What had I been doing? Wasn’t that encouragement? Obviously we are very far apart in our definitions.

Despite this setback, I did go on with my plan to give Lion his mind-blowing blow job. I’m glad he enjoyed that part as much as I did.

I’ve since read his post and now I think I understand what he wants. I don’t know if I can give it to him, but I understand. What he’d like me to say to him strikes me as even more ridiculous than telling him he’s a good boy. It’s taken me a while but I can finally tell him that. Maybe someday I’ll be able to encourage him the way he needs to be encouraged.