I Know You’re Out There

So far every caged male I’ve read about has initiated the caging. He’s fantasized about it and finally gets the courage to approach his partner with the idea. Usually the couple has been involved in some sort of play, but there are some men who seemingly come out of nowhere with the proposal. That’s the way it happened with Lion and me. He toyed with the idea for years before seriously presenting it to me.

I’m wondering how many women actually initiate the caging. It stands to reason that if the woman is the top and looking for ways to up the ante, so to speak, she may consider caging her male. How does that conversation go? For the most part, women seem to be shocked or confused when asked to cage their males. Are men shocked when it’s presented to them? Do they jump at the chance? Do they need time to warm up to the idea?

Is it that forced chastity is a concept by and for males? How many women actually heard of this practice?  If you are a woman who has caged her male or a male who did not initiate the caging, please let us know how it all happened. It will add yet another perspective to our story.