Dr Jekyll And Mrs Lion

There are still times when I feel like I’m doing things because Lion wants them. And then there are times when I’m doing them because I want to. Hence the title.

The biggest thing that has come out of Lion’s caging is communication. Many of our problems were the result of my saying the sky is blue, for example, but not specifying the shade of blue. And poor Lion is doing his best to guess but never quite hitting the mark. Once we figured this out, I’ve been trying harder to tell him that I mean cerulean rather than teal. He’s not a mind reader and I was getting mad at him because of it. Stupid Mrs. Lion.

I’ve been trying to reintroduce old rules, along with modifying some of them, and to introduce new rules. For example, Lion has a habit of dropping ice cubes when he fills his glass from the ice maker. Under the old rule he received swats when he dropped ice. He also has a habit of dropping food either on the table or on himself. So the modified rule is that he gets swats when he drops any kind of food. Last night he dropped some rice on the table and two ice cubes. Three swats for Lion. However, he brought home Krispy Kreme donuts so I deducted a swat for his thoughtfulness. Lion also has a habit of interrupting me. I hate that. It’s like he’s telling me that what he has to say is more important. So a new rule is that he gets swats for interrupting. Soon he will get a shock, thanks to our new shock collar.

Several years ago, I decided that I couldn’t really understand what it was like to be a top if I didn’t understand what it was like to be a bottom. Lion was very nervous. He was afraid I would like being a bottom and never want to top him. He needn’t have worried. I don’t understand being a bottom any more than I understand being a top. But I know I don’t want to have my nipples pinched (even if he only did it in his sleep once). And I don’t mind a little love tap on my behind but I am not interested in anything more than that. So I guess understanding what he wants is not a prerequisite to doing what he wants. Knowing that he will do almost anything I ask (eating raisins is a definite deal breaker) because he loves me is all I need because I love him.