What A Chastity Device Isn’t

spiked chastity cage
Jail Bird with anti-pullout spikes. Try to get hard and be in a world of pain.

When I read the chastity forums and some of the femdom blogs that pretend to be keyholder advice columns, I see some serious misinformation regarding the actual hardware. Many men when they first decide to get into forced male chastity, with or without a keyholder, seem to obsess over whether the device will be able to stop them from their idea of cheating on chastity. I would like to give you my view of what to expect from your device.

The primary purpose of any chastity device, in my opinion, is to prevent the caged male from either masturbating to orgasm or engaging in penis sex with another person. That’s it. I’m sure you are asking, “What about erections?” Ok, what about them?

First of all, a certain number of our erections are involuntary. We get them in our sleep and sometimes when we wake up in the morning. They turn up if we see something arousing. So many guys believe that the erection is the enemy and the device has to stop that enemy in its tracks. To do this, they get spikes built into their cages that will hurt them if they start to get hard. All that ends up doing is making the chastity experience so uncomfortable that after a few days of pain and sleep deprivation the caged male has to take it off. So, do yourself and your keyholder a favor. Accept that arousal isn’t prevented by a chastity device. There are drugs that do that if you really need it. Your keyholder teases you so that you are more easily aroused. An erection is the flag that is raised when you are turned on. Your cage may move out a bit, your cock head may try to escape. Believe me, that’s good fun for your keyholder. Enjoy the erection, but know you can’t get off.

The other big item is security. Guys spend a fortune and also suffer greatly so that they can get a device they can’t cheat. There really isn’t an inescapable chastity device, especially if you define escape as the ability to orgasm. Any cage can let you pull out if you want to badly enough.  What most males end up doing is “adjusting” things to make pull out harder and harder.

The main ways men try this is by wearing a smaller cock and ball ring, reducing the gap between the ring and the cage, and adding anti-pullout pins to the device.  First, consider the cock and ball ring. The tighter this ring is fitted, the more restrictive it becomes of your blood flow and prevents any natural flexing it needs to make with your body. You will read about men suggesting lube to make wearing the cock and ball ring easier. That is a sure sign it is too tight. A properly fitted ring will let you get one finger under it up to your first joint (second or third finger). Any looser and it really is insecure, any tighter and you will suffer.

The second area that men try to “fix” is the gap between the ring and the cage. Your scrotum fits through this gap. If it is too loose, pull out is very easy; too tight and you will cut off blood to your scrotum and make it hurt like crazy.  I think the ring is a good fit if your balls don’t slip out on their own.

Last and certainly not least are the so-called anti-pullout pins. These are metal or plastic pins that are placed at the very mouth of the cage where you put your penis in. Their purpose is to make it really hurt to try to pull it out while locked. If they are large enough or sharp enough to be effective, they will also put you in serious pain if you try to get hard. Unless you like that sort of pain, avoid them.

So, if all cages can be escaped and if some allow you to stimulate yourself to orgasm, why wear them? The answer is obvious: because you want someone else to control your ability to get off. Think of it this way: You lock your car so that thieves can’t get your stuff or steal the car. You know that locking it won’t stop a determined thief. However, it will stop someone looking for an easy target.

Your cage is the same. It reminds you that you no longer control your orgasms. It makes it difficult to cheat. It’s not an armored car that needs a bomb to open it. That sort of security shouldn’t ever be necessary. You are caged because you want to be, not because a judge sentenced you to penis prison. Don’t waste your money or your comfort to protect yourself from you. The cage serves a real purpose by making cheating much more difficult, not impossible; and it is a physical reminder to you and your keyholder that she owns your sexual pleasure.