Never Assume

Last night my poor Lion was a little under the weather. Once he was settled in I noticed he hadn’t put on his diaper as required. He went in his home office to check on his websites and after about an hour I took out a paddle and left it on the bed so he’d see it. Eventually I asked him if he forgot something. He looked at me sheepishly and said he’d hoped I would forget about the diaper since he wasn’t feeling well. The truth is, because we have a busy weekend, I was thinking about letting him be diaper free anyway. And had he asked me if he could forego the diaper I would have taken pity on him. But he didn’t ask. He assumed. And to paraphrase the familiar saying, you gave your ass to me, dear Lion. So today my Lion will receive his punishment swats when the mood strikes me.


  1. Author

    Message received. I await the dreaded punishment paddle.

    1. Author

      Though I am happy you and Mrs. Lion are communicating (even if it is through the blog), it looks to me like the two of you need to have some much needed face to face dialogue regarding this lifestyle. Perhaps you need to take her out to dinner in a nice quiet place that is a neutral environment and have a heart to heart. Just my thoughts.

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